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Bill is a CPA / PERSONAL FINANCIAL SPECIALIST / ATTORNEY in Cincinnati. Bill is an experienced professional who can analyze your personal and business financial goals, make sound recommendations, and make sure that your financial decisions are on target to reach your goals. We offer a full range of accounting, tax, and small business consulting services. The firm of William E Hesch, CPAs LLC will focus on your unique tax, accounting and consulting needs. For personalized, experienced, affordable services from CPAs that care about you, choose the firm of William E. Hesch, CPAs LLC.


Bill Hesch’s entrepreneurial journey and tips for success have been featured in the new book, Goal For It: 30 Paths to Imagine More Success by Syndee Hendricks! Goal For It was released on July 11 and instantly became an Amazon # 1 bestseller! The purpose of Goal For It is to help readers achieve their goals by relating to and being motivated by the different authors and their stories that are featured in the book. In this anthology, readers will find invaluable information to help them achieve more success in their lives – both personally and professionally. It features multiple authors from different generations, geographic areas, and business arenas who share their tips for achieving their goals and finding success in their lives.

In Bill’s chapter, he shares his entrepreneurial journey and his three keys to success in growing his CPA and law firm firms over the past 24 years. His story begins in May 1993 when he unexpectedly had 30 days to begin billing $10,000 per month for his new CPA and law firm practices that he started in his apartment in Fort Mitchell, KY. Since this “miracle year” of Bill’s life, he has had tremendous life success. To find out Bill’s three keys to success and learn more about his entrepreneurial journey, click here. For a limited time only, the book is on sale with Amazon for only $0.99!


  • Failure to find out from your CPA your Federal, State, City and Social Security tax rates that you are paying on your business profits as a Business Owner
  • Failure to maximize Pension/401(K), SEP/Simple Retirement Plan Contributions for Owners and minimize related costs for your employees
  • Failure to fund HSA account annually

Learn about the action steps you can take with your business for each of these common mistakes, along with mistakes 4-10, in this Tax Planning Seminar Video for Business Owners.

Are You Getting the Answers You Need?

Are You Getting the Answers You Need?