Licensed CPA – Events

Date: Jul 30, 2011
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: Channel 9 WCPO

Retirement planning made easy 1. Knowledge is power. A new LIMRA survey suggests peace of mind could be just a phone call away, according to a recent article in In that article, respondents to the survey were pre-retiree households whose ages were between 55-70 years old. The research survey was clear. Those pre-retirees who use a professional financial advisor enjoy peace of mind that they are making the right decisions to ensure they have a financially secure retirement. 2. Lack of proper planning and saving has become a national epidemic, particularly among the Baby Boomers nearing retirement age. In fact, nearly 2/3 of pre-retirees are not working with an advisor said they will NOT be able to live the retirement lifestyle that they would choose. In a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and the lifestyle website, nearly half of all Americans between the ages of 45 and 65 were NOT confident that they would have the resources and investments that would be needed to enjoy a relatively comfortable retirement. 3. The solution to being able to retire relatively comfortable lies in proper planning with a competent, trusted, financial advisor. In order to get started, pre-retirees need to gather accurate information upon which their financial advisor can assess their current situation and identify strategies to assist them in gaining peace of mind and financial security at retirement. In order to gather relevant information for your financial advisor, the following three planning tools should be used to assess where you are now and where you need to be at retirement: 1.Financial Planning Worksheet 2.Current Monthly Budget and Planned Retirement Budget 3.Estate Planning Self-Assessment Questionnaire These documents are available on the front page of my website at After you have organized your financial data and completed the planning tools, you should meet with a financial advisor who is competent and trusted. One of the most trusted financial advisors is a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS). The PFS is a CPA who is certified as a financial planner on an ongoing basis by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. There are 50 CPAs in a 50 mile radius of Cincinnati who are also a PFS. In order to contact a CPA/PFS near your home, go to the AICPA website, click the public link, click find a CPA, Click personal financial specialist, then find a CPA/PFS near you. Act now to find a CPA/PFS to help you. Peace of mind is only a phone call away.