Cincinnati Financial Planning and Testimonials

Read What Our Clients Have To Say About Hesch CPA and Our Cincinnati Estate Planning

"He is a CPA, a tax attorney, offers Cincinnati financial planning and Cincinnati elder law. He has a degree in financial planning which is very important. People don’t realize that when you have the accreditations that Bill has that he is required to maintain a fiduciary responsibility. This fiduciary responsibility requires him to put the client first and he’s not able to violate that responsibility."

"He is there for his client and not to perpetuate their own cause."

"I choose him because of his reputation,"

"He had done some Cincinnati estate planning for some contractor friends of mine. They highly recommended him and after I met him I liked him."

"He’s knowledgeable and has the newest ideas and innovations,"

"He stays up with everything. He even teaches accounting and IRS seminars."

"I constantly talk and give advice to mutual business owners and friends of mine who are faced with the same problems I have and are getting old and trying to plan their estates. I’ve recommended Bill to quite a few people. He always has ways to help his clients through these hard time and he seems to have the best ideas and has certainty done well by me. He’s just a congenial, knowledgeable person."

"I seek advice from him in all business matters."

- Dick Crist
Walton Towne Center

"Since we started the magazine I have been very fortunate to be able to rely on some of the top professionals throughout town to give us much needed advice. I have worked with Bill for six years now for my personal taxes and finances.

Most recently, he has updated my estate plan. My wife and I met with Bill to understand the key elements of our estate documents. We now have peace of mind knowing that our estate documents are up to date and properly provide for each other and our children if we become disabled or die.

Bill’s business savvy, along with sound principles, has given us an advantage I was hoping for. I would recommend Bill to any individual who is looking for advice for their estate plans, taxes, finances, or their business.

If you are looking for a tax attorney, CPA or financial planner to make an immediate impact I would not hesitate to recommend that you give him a call. Heck, tell them Cincy sent you!"

- Eric Harmon
Publisher & President of Cincy Magazine

"I first met Bill Hesch three years ago when my company was going through a prolonged sales tax audit with the Kentucky Department of Revenue. It was dragging on, costing time and money. Bill got involved and took the lead.

I explained to him our issues, and within two months of working with our accountant and attorney, he was prepared for a meeting in Frankfort. At the end of a four-hour session the lawyers said, ‘Wow, we wish we had understood that was the issue two years ago.’ It took Bill to get them to understand our business and agree that we were properly assessing and collecting sales tax. Within two weeks, we received a letter dismissing all of their significant assessment of sales taxes, interest and penalties as a result of our presentation to them.

Because Bill has both pillars – he’s a CPA and he’s a lawyer – he can look at things holistically. He understands tax laws at a level many regular accountants don’t. He has a real accounting background, so he can see how the tax and legal issues are intertwined with the accounting and financial side.

Bill is your big picture guy. I have since used Bill on estate planning, succession planning and employee contracts. Now I would never consider not utilizing Bill when I need an opinion on the larger issues of my business.

For everyday matters, I still use my regular accountant and my attorney, who has been with me for 25 years. But I bring Bill in to engage them. He’s able to look at the tax, legal and financial sides and able to make really solid recommendations. He doesn’t come in and say, ‘I’m taking over for your normal lawyer or accountant.’ What he does is, he works with those people who have in-depth daily knowledge of my business and e draws from that. He creates a team, he collaborates, he builds a consensus and forms a position that can always be defended.

Everything I’ve asked him to do has always had an absolutely completely positive, successful outcome."

- Dan Van Meter Harmon
Owner/President NOR-COM

Doctor Says Bill Hesch is the Right Medicine

“I’ve worked with Bill Hesch for several years now. I was originally referred to him regarding a legal issue, and some estate planning work. He also helped me with a corporate operating agreement for my business. Today he is also my accountant; there’s great synergism to the way his businesses all work together.

Bill is one of the most responsive, creative and detailed people I know. He is great at anticipating all aspects of a project and leaves nothing to the last minute. He can tackle 12 directions at the same time and for someone like me, working on 15 different projects at once, he really gets the job done. He’ll even call me at 8:00 in the evening on a Saturday or Sunday to make sure what needs to get done does get done.”

- Dr. Sanjay Patil
Cardiology Associates, P.S.C.

Dick Crist: A Happy Client

Richard D. Crist is the owner of DMC Holdings Ltd. Co. Located in Florence, KY, and is the current chairman of the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport Board. DMC Holdings consists of 15 companies including construction, contracting and management, land development, and industrial mineral mines in Owensboro, KY. It also develops and invests in property as well as in stock and bonds. William E. Hesch provides DMC with financial and legal advice, tax planning, personal estate planning, asset management, tax management planning, business plans, and organization of startups, and updates with changing tax laws.

“I have worked with Bill Hesch since the early ‘90's when I sought his counsel for an IRS audit. I’ve used him for my legal and accounting work, mainly because he and his staff are always current with changes in IRS regulations or any legality or law pertaining to the things I do.

“I respect Bill very much due to the knowledge he possesses in both legal work and CPA work. That’s one of the main reasons I use his services. He has also done a great job with my estate plan. His staff gets things done competently and on time. The hardest thing sometimes for us in this business is finding a lawyer or accountant that’ll get things done on time. They call you Friday and you what they didn’t get done the last week. But Bill will call you Friday and say ‘You better be here Monday because I have everything ready to sign.’

“Bill is always available. He uses his cell phone more than he uses his office phone. He might call me on Saturday if he has an issue, or I feel free to call him at odd non-business hours. I have a very good working relationship with Bill and his staff and I have a lot of confidence in them.”

- Richard D. Crist
DMC Holdings Ltd. Co.