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What is a guardianship?


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What is a guardianship?

Question: What is a guardianship?

Answer: Guardianship is administered by the probate court in the county which you reside. The rule of guardianship is to provide for healthcare issues and financial issues in the event that a person is unable to handle their healthcare or their financial decisions for themselves. It is a formal process in which the guardian is appointed by the probate court and typically if you have a durable power of attorney you will indicate in that document your wishes as to who should be appointed your guardian and the court would then review the situation at that time that it would be necessary for that person to go to the court to be appointed your guardian and would typically follow your direction. In the event that you do not have a healthcare power of attorney or a durable power of attorney then it may be necessary for the court to find out which family member can best act on your behalf and take care of you as your guardian.

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